Pine Plains

"In May of 1870, a Waverly banker named Howard Elmer, along with Charles Anthony and James Fritcher, bought the Pine Plains area between Waverly and Athens. Elmer then convinced Robert Asa Packer to locate a new railroad repair facility on the Pine Plains for the expanding Lehigh Valley Railroad, which was making a push north to connect to the New York state railroads. Robert Sayre, President of the Pennsylvania & New York Railroad, helped cement the deal and had the town named in his honor. Sayre was incorporated on January 27, 1891." ( - Sayre History

Note: An historical marker designating Pine Plains, acquired from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, was dedicated on May 12, 1947, at 416 North Keystone Avenue. (

Its inscription read:

Pine Plains
This area was known by the pioneers as the "Pine Plains." In 1790 near this spot, Timothy Pickering met Red Jacket and his Senecas. They were on their way to the peace council at Tioga Point.

That marker was thought to have gone missing about 25 years ago during some paving work being done on North Keystone Avenue. In September 2006 through the efforts of Pennsylvania State Representative Tina Pickett and Bradford County Historical Society Vice President Henry G. Farley, a replacement marker, which had been recast containing the inscription above, was placed in its original location on the east side of the avenue.

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