The Membership Fund Drive is Now Underway

Joy Wandell-Darrow office manager of the Sayre branch of First Citizens Community Bank is pictured presenting a check for $500 to Steve Bowen, treasurer of the Sayre Historical Society. The annual fund drive to help support the programs and operation of the historical society is now in progress.

Making Donations

The Board of Directors of the Sayre Historical Society certainly appreciates all donations sent to help meet the expenses of operating the Society. Yearly membership dues provide the funding for printing and distributing the Sayre Quarterly and leave some money which is used for paying the building utilities and expenses with preserving our collection. Additional money is raised through our fund-raising activities at events where we can sell our tea pots, mugs and pencil caddies. Another major source of money is from the donations of our members which come to us in various ways. The money is well used no matter how the membership sends it to us.

As with most non-profit organizations, we encourage donations in various ways. Below are the most common forms of helping.


The Sayre Historical Society has been entrusted with the care and upkeep of many items of Sayre's past, however items of another kind are also sought after in the form of valuable contributions. If you happen to have extra tools or items necessary for day to day maintenance, please consider us when disposition of these items becomes necessary.


Sayre Water Company Ledger Books, Robert Sayre's Personal Notes, Lehigh Valley Railroad dining car china and an 1812 Marriage Certificate. What do these items have in common? Each one was discovered in the garbage, considered trash and each item's historical merit overlooked by their disposer. If you are facing a residential move, lifetime estate execution or just house cleaning, consider donation rather than sanitation.


A check from a member in any amount and marked as a gift is common in our mail. The donor is sent a note of thanks.


Our Memorial/Multi-Purpose Card is designed to accommodate special occasions, such as a memorial upon a death, a birthday, an anniversary event or the Just To Help Us category. Both you as the donor and the person so remembered are sent cards of acknowledgment.


The Founders Club accepts donations of $100.00 or more. Donors are mailed a certificate and are acknowledged in the Sayre Quarterly. Some Founders Club donations are made as memorials.


Now that the Sayre Historical Society has a home and will be operating a museum, it is time to look at long-range funding to sustain the museum for decades to come. The Board of Directors has now created the Howard Elmer Society to provide a simple and easy way for making a gift from your estate as a charitable bequest in your will. Any size gift will help keep the Society and Museum going. Since there are many ways to make a charitable bequest, they are best planned in consultation with your attorney. Such a bequest can be part of the body of the will or done as a codicil so that the entire will does not have to be rewritten. Our President will gladly help guide you back to your professional planner. Charitable bequests qualify for a 100% charitable deduction for estate tax purposes.

We hope that this explanation clarifies your choices for donations that will help sustain and build the Sayre Historical Society Museum.

All donations are tax deductible as the Sayre Historical Society is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Please make a check for your monetary donation and mail it to the address here below.

Sayre Historical Society
P. O. Box 311
Sayre, Pa 18840-0311
Telephone (570)882-8221

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