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Downtown A History of Sayre's Business Community (ID: )
This 28-page soft cover booklet based on the Sayre Historical Society's Exhibit of 2020 contains numerous photos and articles of Sayre's early entrepreneurial pioneers. Sayre's Business history started in Milltown by John Shepard with a property purchase in 1788 continuing through to the mid 1990's. Read about the building of the Wilbur Hotel and well-known business owners like Sid Glaser and Raymond Bolich. A must have book to take a tour around Sayre.

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The Fight for Liberty (ID: 0206)
This 28-page soft cover book containing multiple photos and supporting articles depicting Sayre's part in World War 1.As the large number of soldiers passed through Sayre via the Lehigh Valley Railroad it gave some opportunity to be part of those soldiers personal stories with the help of some of Sayre's best.

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Working on the Railroad (ID: 0207)
This 28-page soft cover book contains numerous photos, data, and descriptive information explained in "A Chronology of Railroading in Sayre" from 1841 to when the Lehigh closed in 1976.Photos with supportive articles give an excellent idea of what it was like to work for the Lehigh Valley Railroad in those days.

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Athens, Sayre and Waverly Book by Bonnie Stacey (ID: 0211)
With Athens, Sayre, and Waverly, the first pictorial history of the valley, Bonnie Stacy has created a nostalgic look at the picturesque communities where the Susquehanna and the Chemung Rivers flow together. Over 200 rare images from the late 1770s to the present chronicle the proud lumber, canal, and railroad traditions that first drew residents to this bucolic area. From the unique house photographs taken by local photographer M. Louis Gore to the unusual archaeological and historic photographs from the collection of the Tioga Point Museum, these images bring the past to life. In Revolutionary times, Tioga Point was the location of Fort Sullivan. Later, the area was settled by lumbermen, canal workers, and railroaders. Included here are painted portraits of the well-known founders of the settlements in the area, as well as those of everyday people"”millworkers, shopkeepers, and bridge builders"”who made their marks here and enriched their communities.

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Lehigh Valley Railroad Pictorial Book Volume 4 (ID: 0203)
Black and white photographs 40 pages.

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Lehigh Valley Railroad Pictorial book Volume 6. (ID: 0205)
Black and white photographs 36 pages.

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The Lehigh Valley "Comet" (ID: 0201)
Quality reproduction of an original 1888 on board magazine. Many articles, advertisements and engravings. Black and white 31 pages.

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Historic Rest Cemetery (ID: 0216)
24-page color booklet published by the Sayre Historical Society documents one of the oldest cemeteries in Bradford County. Located on the corner of Hoover and Bradford Streets, the cemetery has a long and interesting history and is the final resting place of many local pioneers including John Shepard who donated the land for the cemetery. Included in the booklet are numerous photographs and a 1935 survey by C.W. Northrup titled Inscriptions on Tombstones in Milltown Cemetery. The cover is a detail from the M.L. Gore mural of Shepard's Mill at Sayre High School showing the cemetery.

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A Quarter Century of the Quarterly, Volume I (ID: 0226)
A 68-page soft cover book featuring stories from the first Quarter Century of the Sayre Historical Society's Quarterly magazine. Stories include Some Early History of Milltown by Ruth Miller, Foundations of a Railroad Town by Frank Evans, Susquehanna River Ferry by John Geffert, Lehigh Sports by Duane Hunter and West Sayre by James Nobles, along with many other stories and photographs.

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A Moment in Railroad History - Theodore Roosevelt's Presidential Special By Richard Palmer (ID: 0213)
A 34-page soft cover booklet covering President Theodore Roosevelt's 1905 visit to Chautauqua, N.Y. over the Lehigh Valley and Erie Railroads including stops in Sayre, Pa. and Waverly, N.Y. Railroad historian Richard Palmer recounts the challenges to railroad management to safely transport the 26th President. This story is based on an official memo issued by the Erie Railroad for the Chautauqua Special and includes contemporary newspaper accounts, photographs and excerpts of speeches given at various stops.

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Answering the Call ...A History of Firefighting in Sayre (ID: 0227)
A 28-page soft-cover booklet detailing the history of firefighting in Sayre based on the 2017 exhibit at the Sayre Historical Society. The book includes rare images from the collection of James Nobles and the Sayre Fire Department, a list of major fires in the borough's history, color images of historic Firemen's Convention ribbons, and an image of the 2009 Firefighter's Monument in Howard Elmer Park.

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A Postcard History of Sayre (ID: 0214)
A 28-page soft-cover booklet highlighting the recent exhibit at the Sayre Historical Society. The all-color booklet, printing on glossy paper, includes over 50 postcard views including a real photo postcard of Keystone Park, pre-war German postcards of scenes from Sayre's past, Lehigh Valley Railroad shops and the Robert Packer Hospital. Many of the postcards are from the collection of the late Marty Smith of Sayre.

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Black Diamond Express book, Handsomest Train in the World, First 25 Years of the Black Diamond by Railroad historian Richard F. Palmer's (ID: Pt# 0210)
This 42-page book with a soft cover contain numerous photos, data and descriptive information, including personal accounts, about the "glory days" of the famous Black Diamond train. Excellent photos of the lavish interior of the passenger areas.

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Postcard History Series of Sayre (ID: 0220)
Sayre history told in 128 pages with 233 vintage postcards plus photographs. "Meticulously researched captions filled with interesting facts."

Also available in SAYRE during business hours at the Sayre Public Library, 122 S. Elmer Ave., Carl's Newsstand, 138 Desmond St. AND Horn's True Value, 503 N. Keystone Ave.

$25.31 plus shipping and handling

The Coming of the Railroad To Sayre By Richard Palmer (ID: 0215)
A 60-page soft-cover booklet on the early history of the railroad in Sayre by railroad historian Richard Palmer covers the earliest years of the railroad in Sayre including numerous photographs and illustrations as well as a detailed chronology of events. An addendum to the book includes reminiscences of John Fitzgerald of New Albany on his work experiences with the Pennsylvania & New York Railroad in 1867. Excerpts of a diary by railroad supervisor John Rahm in 1869 detail the construction of the P & NY Railroad which was later absorbed by the Lehigh Valley Railroad.

Lists of early locomotives on the P & NY Railroad and Early Lehigh Valley Locomotives Spotted in Sayre - 1869 to 1872 are also included in the fact-filled booklet.

$15.90 plus shipping and handling

Route 220 The Railfan Road (ID: )
Inspired by a cover story in the October 2019 Trains magazine by Oren Hoelbok, the 28-page soft-cover booklet covers the so-called "Railfan Road" along Route 220 in Bradford County. The booklet highlights railroad history along the highway starting at Waverly, N.Y. and including South Waverly, Sayre, Athens, Milan, Ulster, N. Towanda, Towanda, Monroeton and New Albany. Sidetours shed light on Barclay Mountain and on the ill-fated Pittsburgh, Binghamton and Eastern Railroad. Over 26 rare photographs and illustrations are included. The booklet was funded through the Bradford County Tourism Promotion Agency.

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Looking Back: Sayre and World War II (ID: )

In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt declared that the United States would remain neutral in response to the rise of Nazi German and Adolph Hitler. However, the rise of nationalism around the world including Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union, thrust the U.S. into the struggle with allies England and France. The attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 caused the U.S. to declare war on Japan. Incredible sacrifices, on the battlefield, in factories and at homes, helped turn the tide.

The World War II experiences of people from Sayre and the Penn-York Valley could fill an entire book. Included in this booklet are photographs, stories and inspiring lessons that are part of the huge story of Sayre and World War II.

$10.00 plus shipping and handling

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