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Lehigh Valley Embroidered Ball Cap (ID: 705, 706)
Khaki/Black or Black adjustable cotton twill hats with the Lehigh Valley Railroad logo.
Khaki/Black is pt# 705 and Black is pt# 706

$14.95 plus shipping and handling

Lehigh Valley Logo Tee Shirts (ID: 0711)
Combine the soft feel of screen printed (stripes) and the elegance of a direct embroidered logo (not an iron-on patch) and you have a beautiful product that pays tribute to a vital part of the Northeast! Printed on the front chest, stripes are 10 inches wide by 2 inches tall with the logo to the left.
Stock Maroon and Gray in large and xlarge.

$18.00 plus shipping and handling

Lehigh Valley Embroidered Polo Shirts (ID: 0766)
Short Sleeve Polo shirts embroidered with the historic Lehigh Valley logo w/o pocket. Stock black or ash colors in large and xlarge sizes.

$24.95 plus shipping and handling

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